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Website Development

Potential customers are going to visit your website first before they do anything else.

Studies show 97% of all people will use a search engine first to find a local business they need. This means the overall look, user experience and copywriting on your website is going to be the first impression most new customers will have of your business.


We make sure your website looks appealing on all devices, ranks high in search engines for targeted keywords and is able to convert traffic into actual leads for your business.

Website Development


Here we have outlined the most common and frequently asked questions about our website development services. If you have any other questions you would like to ask, or if you want to chat about how we can help your home-automation business with website development, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.

I already have a website? Do I have to re-design my entire website?

If you already have a website, we still may need to rebuild, rewrite and restructure certain parts of your website and lead capture system. It’s always best to make sure your website doesn’t have any technical SEO errors that will ultimately prevent it from ranking high in Google search engine results for targeted keywords. We also perform manual checks to make sure your website is easy to navigate for users, looks appealing on all devices, and is fully optimized to capture lead information from website visitors.

What happens to all of the existing content on my website? Will you re-use any of it?

If you have website pages with existing content that are already proven to help generate leads for your business, we will simply improve on those pages with better SEO and additional copywriting.

How much does a new website design/re-design cost?

The cost to create a website for your home-automation business will depend on your site’s size (how many main pages) and level of personalized customization. Websites with more features or custom-built components will generally cost more due to their complexity. As a small to medium-size business, your new website design/re-design costs will likely range towards the lower end versus the higher end.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes. We guarantee your website will look amazing, function properly and be fully optimized to capture lead information when viewed on any type of device — whether it be a mobile smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or smart TV.

What CMS (or software) do you use to create websites?

We always use WordPress to create and develop websites for clients. Why? Because WordPress has a reputation in the digital marketing and SEO industry for being the perfect CMS (Content Management System) to help small to medium sized businesses achieve excellent results online. WordPress is a mature web design platform with extensive technical SEO capabilities and options. WordPress has a trusted reputation with Google and other search engines as being a reliable option for small businesses to promote their services online. WordPress has loads of different options to customize pre-built themes and templates to match your business’ brand identity. WordPress is compatible with the best plugins and systems for capturing lead information from website visitors. WordPress is all-device friendly, secure and makes your website easy to manage.

Do you build individual PPC landing pages for every paid campaign?

If you are running any sort of paid ads, you want to make sure you have ‘advertising ready’ landing pages to send that paid traffic to. ‘Advertising ready’ means these pages are primarily focused on getting people to contact you for more information about your services — using persuasive copywriting, appropriate call-to-actions and lead capture techniques. Since we will be responsible for the creation and copywriting for all of the pages of your newly designed website, we make sure all of your most important website pages are ‘advertising ready’. We can also help you create individual landing pages for special offers and promotions whenever needed.

Who hosts and has ultimate control over my website?

You are responsible for hosting your own website and will have ultimate control over its functionality. We help you manage your website and will assist with any technical issues you may have, which can prevent your website from being online and visible at all times.

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