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Our Process

A personalized approach to implement the most effective

lead generation plan for your business.


We setup and manage everything your business needs to consistently

attract new leads online and convert them into real-life customers.

Dedicated Account Manager

Specialist Implementation

Funnel Development

Unified Leads Tracking

Recent Contacts Reporting

Customized Strategy

Competitor Tracking

Social Media Management

Cookie Re-targeting

Persuasive Content

Google My Business

Analytics Integration

Paid Ad Campaigns

Call Tracking & Recording

Priority Support

How To Get Started.

Step 1: Project Analysis

Submit your details for a FREE comprehensive video analysis of your current online visibility.

Everything we do from strategy development through to implementation is based around the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Every project we work on begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current online presence and local marketplace, in order to determine how we can best help your unique situation.

Our experts use advanced SEO (search engine optimization) tools to analyze your website and overall online presence, to identify:

  • Technical errors which can prevent your website from ranking high in search engine results.
  • What keywords and phrases people are using in your area to find a home-automation or smart-home system installer like you.
  • How well your competitors are performing for the keywords you also want to target and rank for.
  • What implementations need to be done in order to improve your online visibility, drive more targeted traffic back to your website and successfully convert online leads into customers.

After we have analyzed your website, online presence and local marketplace, we will then provide you with a 10-15 minute video report that explains all of our findings AND offers you some solutions.

GET STARTED FOR FREE! All you have to do is click the link below and provide us with a link to your website to get started.

We will reply within 24 hrs with your online visibility report.

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Step 2: Strategy Session

Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the details of how we can help your situation.

After we have analyzed your online presence and local marketplace, the next step is to schedule a quick online chat with one of our marketing consultants.

The main purpose of this chat is to have a candid conversation about:

  • Your main business objectives and goals (what you want to achieve)
  • How we can help (the services we can provide to help you achieve your goals)
  • The process (how we will implement your custom lead generation plan)

During this chat we will also provide you with some different options for pricing — based on your budget and the scope of work needed for your project.

Step 3: Implementation

We get busy and begin executing your multi-channel lead generation plan.

Now it’s time to build your online authority and start bringing potential customers into your sales funnel!

We begin performing all of the tasks needed to increase public awareness about your smart-home services and to generate leads — such as creating compelling SEO content that will help your business rank higher in search engines results, running paid ad campaigns, email marketing, social media posting, outreach marketing, plus more.

Step 4: Optimization

Our experts consistently improve results with analytics and data based decision making.

We monitor, track, measure and analyze all key metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your lead generation activities — and continually optimize everything we are doing to help you achieve better results.

We review all of your project data and campaign analytics on a daily basis, to make sure you are consistently pushing leads towards a final transaction with your business.